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Who are we?

The Purple Crayon is America’s oldest collegiate longform improv group. We specialize in the Harold, a longform improvisation format that spins three separate storylines into one intricately-woven narrative. Most of all, we’re a group of people who love to perform, hang out, and laugh together.

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Midnight Madness Show

Performances & Tour

We perform regularly on campus and we tour the country twice a year! Although we specialize in the Harold, we love to experiment with a variety of improvisational formats. In this past year, we have performed La Rondes, musical shows, murder mysteries, and more.Recent tour destinations include Chicago, Atlanta, Boston, New York, Washington DC, and Philadelphia. On tour, we perform at local comedy clubs and venues and host workshops at local schools and organizations.

Wait, what exactly is Improv?

Improv is a performance without a script. It’s the UFC in a world of WWE. We make up scenes completely on the spot based on a single suggestion from the audience. It’ll leave you saying, “Wow, they really came up with that just now?” To which, we’ll respond, “yes.”

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